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Quicksand (Stripped) - Live at Speakertree

If I shut my door,
I can still see her through the peeper,
But I am sure,
That I’d really rather keep her,
My heart's eyes are wide,
Her love has woke the sleeper,
Stay by my side,
Hold my hand and quicksand won't get deeper,

Cause’ I'm fallin’ into,
Everything but love,
Pretty sure that someday,
She will be enough,

The sand moves slow,
As we slowly sink down,
Please don’t go,
You’re the star inside my broken crown,
My heart was black,
And a couple shades of blue,
Then a heart attack,
Turned it back, and turned out to be you,
To be you.

‘Cause I'm fallin’ into,
Everything but love,
Pretty sure that someday,
You will be enough,

I am slowly dying by your hand,
Like an hourglass filled with quicksand.

Time is against us,
Doesn’t matter how slow it moves it still moves too fast,
We just won’t give up,
Love is the only thing in this world that will last,
The quicksand,
Leaves a cold brand,
And brings fear I don’t understand,
Worse than fire cause’ a fire kills or leaves a scar,

Your face,
Like fine lace,
Beautiful but fragile too,
The night sky's in your eyes and you shine brighter than a star.


I was lost as soon as I couldn’t leave your side,
I can’t recommend a love affair with pride.
The eyes of my heart are cursed with far sight,
Nothing left to do.
But thank God the hourglass that tried to slow us down,
Stopped me from loving you.

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